CMS Online (College management system Online)
HRM (Human Resources Management)
OEM (Online Exam Management)
WOS (Web Ordering System)
SMS Online (Stationery Management Systems Online)




CMS is Web based campus management software. Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security.

Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.

Its is an Integrated Educational Resource Programme



Change is always difficult for any human being. CMS Suite will help you a lot for easy change from manual to computerized one.

Minimize hand written work from admission to alumni formation; academic to non-academic.



Manual effort is reduced and speedy and accurate reports are generated.

Data security is maintained on a departmental level. High degree of security and safety according to international standards.

High degree of transparency of the institution through the Web.



Single point access of all campus related information from anywhere in the campus (even the world).

Parents have access to all academic information about their wards through the internet.
Better informed decision making for management.


About CMS

In today’s world, administration & management of organizations, particularly educational institutions, has become a tedious and complex task. It requires careful planning, systematic approach and accurate control of administrative processes to attract the best students, produce best results and project the best image. Coupled with tight competition from the industry, these institutions are increasingly seeking the help of information technology to improvise their facilities and maintain a competitive edge to their educational business. Welcome to the extremely efficient, systematic, sophisticated yet user friendly automated campus of e-learning, IN OTHER WORDS, TO THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT CALLED CMS Suite!